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Size Medium (55 x 75)
Avodas Yad Tzitzis

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Talis comes with Silk Lining and Kesher Shel Kayama (extra strengthened knots). In the most phenomenal combination of elegance and strength this Talis is tailored in almost made-to measured sizes and in weights never offered before. We've thought of everything you could want in a talis. Jet-black stripes that wont separate from a velvety white begged, stain protection, and regally textured yarns that provide a non-slip enhancement to help keep this magnificent talis squarely on your shoulders! Take time to consider the impeccable attention we've given to every detail and you"re sure to agree that our state of the art weaving machines can only be outdone by the garments they create! In essence, what you are now holding is the classic talis of yesteryear, designed and enhanced with the technology of today to offer the ultimate in quality and comfort for all your tommorows.