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Sparks of Radiance

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Challenges, Growth, & Transcendence

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Chaim and Sari Perlman, the beloved heroes of From Darkness to Dawn (Mosaica Press, 2018), weathered the raging storm following Chaim’s brain injury through their firm reliance on Hashem.

But new challenges presented themselves, and they were faced with enduring one trial after another, mini and major traumas.

“Chaim, I feel like a ping-pong ball!” Sari burst out in desperation. “All these bizarre and frightening happenings are bouncing me around, totally out of my control. It’s so debilitating!” “Sari,” Chaim said, “it’s better to be bouncing than not. Once you’re caught in the net and stop bouncing the game is over! And,” he concluded, “sometimes the little bounces are only a preamble to the big ones.”

They were soon to discover how prophetic his words were, as they became victims of a suicide terror bombing. Their steadfast faith and trust in the Ribbono Shel Olam and their intense desire to create kiddush Hashem carried them through step by painful step — and enabled their darkness to turn into brilliant radiance.

ISBN: 9781952370038

Publisher: Mosaica Press

Hard Cover 

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