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Silent Mobiles Part 2

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A Novel

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The circle of light shines on the ground of the clearing.
There's nowhere for them to run. In a moment, it will catch them in its beam. Yocheved grips Etty's hand, who gives her hand a strong squeeze in return. And it's in that position, looking like two frightened, little girls, that they’re caught in the beam of Flora Yemini's flashlight.

"Yocheved," she says in the accent of someone who just discovered a new continent, "what are you doing here, dear?"

Fraidy is incredibly devoted to helping Etka search for Faigele, but will she cause herself irreversible damage in the process?

Why has the mysterious Orna made such a generous offer to Chelly Solomon, mother of the newborn triplets?

Who will be the next Goldklang daughter-in-law? Is the shidduch a mistake?

The exciting continuation of Silent Mobiles I

Hardcover | 496 pages

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