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Shulchan Aruch English Vol 7

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Shulchan Aruch Harav Bilingual Edition # 7 Laws of Passover Part 1 Simanim 429 - 452

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The sefer begins by introducing the month of Nissan and the customs observed in the days before Pesach. It then describes the laws pertaining to the search for and the nullification and obliteration of chametz, going into precise detail regarding what is a Scriptural requirement, what is a Rabbinic ordinance, and what is a custom accepted in the later generations. In subsequent sections, it focuses on the laws governing chametz belonging to a Jew that was entrusted to a non-Jew or held by a non-Jew as security for a loan and conversely, chametz belonging to a non-Jew that was entrusted to a Jew under similar circumstances. The sefer also explains the convention of selling chametz to a non-Jew, and includes an addendum where the Alter Rebbe explains the roots of that practice and the halachic issues involved. That addendum contains a sample bill of sale, which the Alter Rebbe wrote, intending that it be used in actual practice. This sefer also includes sections dealing with mixtures of chametz and permitted substances, and the laws governing hag'alah. These sections contain fundamental concepts relevant to the laws of kashrus



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