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Tales Out of Middos Town #3: Mr. Farginner & Mr. Mekaneh

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Middos Town is having its grand fundraising campaign and contest, and Mr. Mekaneh is set on winning it. But his jealousy of the other participants is sucking all the joy and fun out of the competition for him!

On the other hand, Mr. Farginner, who is also participating in the contest, is enjoying himself so much. What's his secret? wonders Mr. Mekaneh. How can Mr. Farginner always be happy for others when things go well for them?

Mr. Farginner is glad to explain how farginning works. And suddenly, a brand-new way of thinking and behaving opens up for Mr. Mekaneh...

Tales out of Middos Town is a series of middos read-along book-and-CDs for children. Each adorable story is accompanied by bright and cheerful illustrations and catchy songs on the CD, providing an ideal way to ingrain good middos in our little ones.

By Chavi Lederberger

Hardcover | 25 pages | Book and CD

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