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Saddam: Game Over #3

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Fouad Yechezkel, a well-respected and wealthy Iraqi Jew, must run away from Iraq with his wife. They reluctantly leave behind their two young children who remain bedridden in a local hospital, not knowing what will happen to them in their absence.

This story takes place against the backdrop of the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein, a cruel dictator whose rise to prominence was partly facilitated by Fouad Yechezkel, back in the days when Saddam was a simple worker at the port. What happened to Fouad Yechezkel’s sons? How is Fouad’s story connected to the war between Iraq and Kuwait? And what will happen to the manuscripts written by the Ben Ish Chai? All this and more in the thriller suspense series Saddam: Game Over!

Hardcover | 56 pages

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