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Only Mimi! #2

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How can Mimi…

Make it into choir… without knowing how to sing?

Lead her team in color war… if she’s an introvert?

Find the mouse she’s babysitting… before her mother comes home?

Record a birthday song for her BFF… with the dollars and cents in her peanut bank?

Because she’s Only Mimi, that’s how.


I’m Mimi.

Yup! That Mimi. The only one in my family without a twin and the only one who doesn’t love cheering and the only one who can’t have dairy ice cream, like, ever.

Did you catch all those “onlys?”

That’s why I’m called Only Mimi. Also, because after something wacky happens, you can throw your hands up, laugh, and say,

“Only Mimi!”

Mimi has captured the hearts of thousands of readers worldwide with her hilarious weekly escapades in The Circle.

Now in book form, Only Mimi is an experience that will delight readers of all ages.

What readers had to say about Only Mimi:

“It’s funny!”

- A, who read it during class

“It’s really funny!”

- B, who borrowed it from A, who read it during class

“It’s really, really funny!”

- Mrs. C, who took it away from B, who borrowed it from A, Chad Gadya, Chad Gadya


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