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A Novel

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Pursued on foreign soil, without knowing why or by whom, Ariel is focused on one thing only: to save his life. Together with his two good friends, who have joined him on a kiruv mission in colorful Brazil, he tries to escape his pursuers and flee from the island that seems to have forged an alliance with their enemies: Mosqueiro.

He never expected to encounter the secret he is about to reveal, certainly not on the hasty mission to which he'd set out. Even his good friends didn't understand why he was flying to Brazil with unexplained urgency, instead of celebrating the Seder with his family and enjoying Bein Hazemanim in their company.

To the pounding beat of Brazil and the strains of the local music, interrupted from time to time by a lethal burst of gunfire, Ariel is exposed to hidden family secrets and he encounters the cruel and painful truth, face to face. In the shadow of the humid tropical climate, Ariel suddenly discovers surprising insights that cause him to make an about face in his complicated relations with his father and family, who await his return.

Mosqueiro - a suspense drama that unrolls a thrilling human life story, which pursues its heroes, until they finally resolve the mystery.

By Ari Sela

Hardcover | 337 pages

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