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Midrash David on Pirke Avot

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Written by: Rabbenu David Hanagid - grandson of the Rambam

Translated by: Rabbi Yehoshua Berdugo

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Midrash David is a fresh take on Pirke Avot, the Ethics of the Fathers, written by the grandson of the esteemed Rambam. As the inheritor of the “Nagid” title from his father, Rabbi Avraham ben HaRambam, Rabbenu David HaNagid provides readers with the historical context of the lives of the Sages who compiled Pirke Avot. Like his grandfather, he codifies topics elegantly; his clear, accessible ideas and life lessons provide a practical guide for readers seeking not only to understand Pirke Avot’s simplistic beauty but to apply its wisdom to their everyday lives.

Now available in English in a newly edited and meticulously researched translation, this magnificent work, written by a hacham from the ancient Andalusian-Spanish tradition, offers modern readers with a brand-new perspective on ancient wisdom steeped in timeless mesorah.

About the author:

Rabbi Yehoshua Berdugo was born in Miami, Florida, and studied under Rabbi Zweig at Yeshiva Ve Kollel Bet Moshe Haim. He received his semichah from the Av Bet Din, HaGeon Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim, and the Chief Rabbi of Montreal, Rabbi David Sabbah. He is currently pursuing his dayanut through Eretz Hemdah while translating and commenting on sefarim and bringing forgotten texts to the masses. He lives in Hollywood, Florida, with his wife and three children, and he works as the head of Theme Park and Experiential Development for Nickelodeon Universe and Dreamworks Waterpark.

Hard Cover | 264 pages


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