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Emergency Plan - Comics

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"You're turning this room into a furnacel" Boris yelled. Reactor number
four got hotter and hotter. An explosion shook the city. The ceiling flew
off and a giant cloud of smoke spread throughout the area.
The people watching the emergency vehicles hurrying to the scene didn't
understand that their lives had just changed. Nobody dreamt that Pripiat
would soon be a ghost town. Uncle Boris was the only one who had
predicted what would happen. A few days before the drill in reactor
number four that provided nuclear energy for large portions of the Soviet
Union, Boris smuggled his nephews, Yuli and Yuri, to safer territory.
During the dramatic event, Yuli and Yuri were sad and upset in Dimshitz's
house, where they had been brought in the middle of the night. They
didn't know that they had been saved from a radioactive disaster.
They were sure that Uncle Boris abandoned them because they refused
to steal the cassette tape from the home of Raskin, the manager of the
nuclear reactor. Uncle Boris had told them that the tape could cause a lot
of trouble for him, but they were too scared to break into Raskin's room
and take the tape.
And now it's all over.
Pripiat is under complete lockdown. Nobody can leave the city.
They didn't take the tape from Raskin, a
nd who knows what will happen to Uncle Boris...
Where are Yuri and Yuli's parents? Why is Uncle Boris in charge of them?
Who will take care of them now? Is this whole situation their fault?
Escape Plan is a riveting story that imbues readers with powerful tools
they can apply to their own lives. It teaches them how to to make
dramatic changes that can lead to a fulfilled, confident and happy life.
Everybody can do it!

Hardcover | 53 pages | 8.5" x 11.5"

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