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The Investigators in the Mysterious Cave

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Where Past and Present Converge 

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How did the brave investigators get stuck in a cave where a family lived than 2,000 years ealier?

Why did Elimelech leave the battlefield while war was still raging?

What are strange noises that the investigators hear from the depths of the cave?

Why did Chaniel threaten to harm Sruly and Zorach?

What happened because of the missing techeiles thread?

Why did Antignos smuggle himself out of his hometown to avoid detection?

The Investigators, a group of lively boyts, embark on an adventure.

Sruly and Zorach set out on a trip one day, planning to visit an archeological site. An innocent peek into a cave sends them hurtling toward a gripping mystery!

Unintentionally, they find themselves traveling back in time.

Sruly and Zorach stumble upon a family hiding in the cave. Their lives are endangered as they courageously cling to Torah and Yiddishkeit despite the peril.

The Investigators are greeted with suspicion. Their situation gets even more complicated when Antignos appears and no one can figure out his true motives.

What happened with the brave Investigators?

Join the Investigators on t heir journey to a mysterious world; a world that existed more than 2,000 years ago though its echoes resound until the present day. Now, like then, we know that nothing can distance us from Hashem, our Father!


Hardcover / 60 pages

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