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Likutei Sipurei Hisvadius - ליקוטי סיפורי התוועדויות - הרב מנחם זאב גרינגלאס

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Reb Volf Greenglass

The Life, Lessons and Farbrengens of The Rebbe's Mekubal

Thousands of students were educated by the I legendary gaon and mekubal Rabbi Menachem Zev HaLevi Greenglass-who insisted on being called simply "Volf"-throughout his close to seventy years of serving as mashpia in Tomchei Temimim Montreal, the yeshiva he helped establish by direction of the Frierdiker Rebbe.
Born in Lodz, Poland, to Aleksander chassidim, Reb Volf was attracted at a young age to the derech of Chabad, and enrolled in the Tomchei Temimim in Otvotzk.
The outbreak of WWII sent him escaping through Lithunania, Russia, Japan and China, until he ultimately arrived in Montreal, Canada.
In Montreal, Reb Volf served as the chief mashpia, where he mentored generations of students, concerning himself with even their physical needs, and staying in touch with them decades later. Unassuming and with a cheerful disposition, he was always equipped with a witty response.
Proficient in all areas of Torah, he was instrumental in compiling Sefer Haminhagim and publishing a halachic composition Likutei Dinim at the Rebbe's instruction.
Thoroughly fluent in Kabbalah, he developed a fascinating relationship with contemporary kabbalists, very much orchestrated by the Rebbe.
Aside from his immense Torah knowledge, Reb Volf was a treasure trove of chassidie stories, and was fond of telling them during classes and farbrengens, to deliver particular messages he felt were important.
This English volume includes a comprehensive biography of Reb Volf's life from Poland to Montreal, hundreds of stories and vertlach told by Reb Volf, and his writings and correspondence.

Hardcover | 1041 pages

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