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Davening With Nigunim CD

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Davening with Niggunim, Project of Anash Chinuch, features davening songs sung passionately and full of simcha. Start the day off in a meaningful way while leaving your children feeling like proud soldiers on a mission to bring Geulah! Sung by men and boys.

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A chassidic melody strengthens one’s hope and bitachon, brings joy, and positions the home and the entire household in a ray of light. (Hayom Yom: Tamuz 22) The davening songs children use are repeated so often that they really permeate into their neshamos. Children are spiritual sponges! Add to that the fact children are singing the same song over and over and over again... and the song's really permeate into their neshamos. When we listen to a song our neshama connects spiritually to the composer of the tune. B"H we can now connect our children's neshamos to our Holy Rebbeim each day. Ideal for families as well as preschool teachers and day camps.

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