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Bavli Game - English

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Take a trip back to Bavel in this remarkably innovative twist on the classic Monopoly game! This amazing game is equal parts entertaining and educational, captivating adult players while helping children acquaint themselves with the names and concepts in Shas, helping them gain invaluable familiarity, which assists them when learning for the first time.

Join Bavli Boy, traveling through the streets and conducting commerce in the shops of Bavel – using the currency they used there. Kids relish getting ahead by answering questions based on the Gemaras they are learning, attending the Yarchei Kallah, purchasing properties in the Shukah, and fulfilling tasks based on actual Gemaras, all on the road to becoming the Parnas, or even, if they apply themselves, the Reish Mesivta.

While enjoying playing the game, children pick up vital Gemara skills such as:

  • ·Meanings of commonly used words and terms in Aramaic
  • · Familiarity with Halachos, concepts, and stories of Chazal
  • · Identities of Amoraim and information about them
  • · Denominations and value of money in the Gemara
  • · Geographic location of various places in Bavel And more!

This product is the game pack, which comes with a playing board, pieces, and dice, play money, property cards, houses and hotels, as well as a collection of word and scenario question cards based on most commonly relevant material.

Expansion packs focusing on specific Perakim and Limuddim will be available soon, taking full advantage of the time spent enthralled playing “Bavli,” making it a rewarding and learning experience.

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