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Alef is for Apple - Workbook

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Ashkenazi (Ashkenazic) pronunciation: "BAIS", "VAIS", "CHES, "TES", "TUF" and "SUF".

Alef is for Apple is used by parents and instructors to teach the Hebrew Alphabet in schools and homes in Canada, Australia, the UK, the United States and other English speaking countries. The curriculum was developed by the author while teaching in the Kindergarten and First Grade classroom. Alef is for Apple is not only for children, adults can successfully use the program as a first step to learn and cement knowledge of the name and sounds of the Hebrew Alef-Bet.

Alef is for Apple is unique in that it was created to help English speakers begin to learn Hebrew by identifying the sound, name and shape of the Hebrew letters through similar sounding English words. Simple English words are used as a learning and memory aid for the Hebrew letters. For example, for the letter "BAIS", the child identifies words that start with "B", such as ball, balloon, and boat. For the letter "VAIS", the child identifies words that start with "V", such as violin, volcano, and vegetables. The goal is that the individual can proficiently recognize the shape and the name of each Hebrew letter.

Many other Hebrew reading primers use Hebrew words to teach the Alef-Bet, such as for "BAIS", the word "BAYIS (trans. "HOUSE"). However, that may hinder a non-native Hebrew speaker, requiring a two-step process of memorizing the Hebrew word in addition to learning and remembering the Hebrew letter.

Alef is for Apple makes the learning process more clear and straight-forward. The Workbook contains an activity page for each Hebrew letter. There are also review pages for every letter, or set of letters (for example "KAF", "CHAF", Final "CHAF"). The workbook is 56 pages, printed neatly and clearly in black and white.

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